Fresco Green Team

The Fresco Green Team

The Fresco Green Team is dedicated to the passionate pursuit of providing sustainable 'green' products, services and educational services to the design and building community, as well as to the individual homeowner. 'Green' is a term that in recent years has been over-used and, to a degree, become cliché. Fresco's intent is to lend credence to green - we talk-the-talk, but more importantly, we walk-the-walk, by not only offering products that are environmentally friendly, but also by providing educational and community out-reach services to the public, as well as to professional craftsmen. Our business model intent is to focus on living, building and renovating green, filling a void within the green building industry, by providing education, building and interior design, residential and commercial construction, building products and consulting services.

Led by co-founders, Richard Frescatore and Richard Scott, our team is dedicated to providing green products and services which will allow us to remain diligent in our responsibilities toward People, Plant, Probity and Purpose, while conducting our business.