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Recycled Drywall

National Gypsum Recycled Content Drywall

We provide recycled content drywall from the National Gypsum Shippingport, PA facility. The material manufactured there is 5% post-consumer and 95% pre-consumer content. This material will also qualify as regionally manufactured.

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Proform Products

ProForm® Joint Treatment Compounds and Tapes

ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape conceals and reinforces wallboard joints. The tape is buffed on both sides to insure the best working qualities and bond. A center creasing process allows easy folding for use at corners. Available in 75', 250' and 500' rolls.

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Multi-flex tape

ProForm® Metal Tape Bead

A combination of joint tape and metal strips laminated to form an outside or inside corner for gypsum wallboard. It is particularly recommended for inside corners on cathedral ceilings, kneewalls, stairways, or any outside or inside corner less or greater than 90°. It is applied with the metal side to the face of
the gypsum wallboard and is embedded into the joint compound.

Available in: 100' rolls (30.5 m) 10 rolls per carton / 100 linear feet per roll

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