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Forbo Marmoleum® flooring is a versatile product that gives character and quality to a very wide range of environments. In Healthcare, Education, Corporate, Public Buildings, or Retaill: Forbo Marmoleum finds it way from the patient bedroom to the museum floor, from the trendy boutique to the playful kindergarten.

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EcoFusion is an aptly named and dynamic new line of flooring. EcoFusion flooring products blend renewable and recyclable products from the earth and “fuse” them into innovative flooring solutions for the home. We take products such as renewable bamboo and recycled hardwood scraps from furniture factories and turn them into beautiful flooring fashion.

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Cork is the soft tissue composed of dead cells found in the inner bark of the cork oak tree with a honeycomb structure that has 100 million air-cells per cubic inch. Trees must be 25 years old before the first harvesting (virgin cork) of cork can occur. Average life span of the cork oak tree is 150-200 years. The older the tree is the better quality of cork it can produce. Every 9 to 10 years, the bark of the cork tree is stripped from its trunks. Then the planks are sorted and stacked in the forest for 6 months. Exposure to air, sun, rain and wind triggers chemical transformations that improve the cork’s quality.
The virgin cork is then taken into the factory to ground into granules and compressed with special glues at high pressure into sheets. Baking the cork prior to compression and varying the granule size allows for different shades and patterns to be created.

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Is beautiful, cost-effective, long-lasting flooring from Nurazzo®. Made in the USA, Nurazzo® tile is a true epoxy precast terrazzo tile.

Terrazzo floors have always been known for their classic look, durability, longevity, and low cost of maintenance. With Nurazzo® terrazzo tile, you get the long-lasting, visual appeal of a poured-in-place floor -- without the high cost or troublesome, messy installation.

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