green services


Green Solutions & Building Services - Commercial & Residential

Ever think you could change that formica countertop into a beautiful concrete surface? Or, re-surface your existing garage or basement floor with a gorgeous new look? You CAN! Ask us how!

Our Direct Services:

Contractor Services

    Horizontal and Vertical Re-surfacing

    Wood and Concrete Resurfacing

    (Refurbishing * Cleaning * Sealing * Coating)


Construction & Other Waste Management Services

    Cost Reduction Analysis

    Landfill Diversion


    LEED® Compliant Construction Waste

    Plan Design

    Documentation & Tracking

    Reporting & Submittals

    See ongoing and completed: PROJECTS

LEED® Documentation & Support Services



    Project Management


Sustainable Operations Consultation - the 'New' way of doing business!

    Operation analysis

    Planning and Implementation


Our Services will continue to evolve in an organic manner to adapt to the needs of our community, and as new opportunities present themselves to us. If you are involved in this industry and would like to explore the possibilities of working with us, please contact us!