what is green

What Is Green?

Green is being overused in many ways today. This presents a problem. The term for some of this overuse is 'Green Washing'. The risk is that over-using the term may have a negative effect on whether folks will actually pay attention to anything having to do with Green. We at Fresco are concerned, and have decided to structure our mission, goals and objectives on practicing an integrity-based approach to Green. Essentially, we are your trusted resource for sorting through the volumes of information.

To us, Green is a simple approach of trying to live in harmony with nature, whether in small increments, or from the ground up, in terms of our living and working environment. To accomplish that, we think whether you are renovating or building new, it is a great way to start affecting change. Many organizations have laid the groundwork for this approach, and we do respect their criteria for accomplishing Green. As a matter of fact, we applaud their efforts, and will work diligently in conjunction with their systems of rating the levels of Green, where that system was chosen as the path toward Green.

Fresco Green is a common sense approach to assist anyone who needs help in taking the steps toward living a more wholesome life in terms of doing what makes sense in a given situation. Home owners, businesses, designers and builders will have a central resource for learning and practicing Green, where collaboration and individual needs are the driving force, rather than a 'catch phrase'. Resources on this Earth are not infinite, therefore we must manage their use in order to preserve our quality of life. Our intention is in sharing and assisting, not frightening and capitalizing on a movement for short term benefits. We are here for YOU.

Fresco Products

Green or Sustainable products are alternatives to everyday materials that you would use for building or remodeling your home. Our goal at Fresco is to make these products available and accessible, so that you can easily obtain them - making the choice to make a difference for not only the environment, but also for you and your family's health. The green/sustainable products that Fresco offers have been carefully selected to meet the following criteria:

1. Reducing Carbon-Footprint - this means that the item reduces the demand on our natural resources by reducing transportation energy and helps to support the local economy.
2. Reducing Energy - we evaluate whether our products will reduce resource consumption and environmental impact.
3. Rapidly Renewable and Recycled Goods - buying rapidly renewable (materials that are natural, non-petroleum-based and have harvest cycles under 10 years) and recycled products conserves our natural resources, saves energy and generates less pollution and waste.
4. Air Quality - less off-gassing, which means fewer pollutants released into the air that we breathe.

At Fresco, we are striving to do ”Everything to Help You Build and Live Green"